The intention of this website is to assist in building a 3D Printing System that has high quality.
What would like to be achieved is that an Australian RepRap User Group be formed where we can teach each other how to build and how to use these machines.

A training centre for teaching how to design in 3D is another area that would be beneficial to all 3DPrinter Users.

Adelaide Mini Maker Faire 2013

This web site will take you through the building of a Mens' Shed Special 3D Printer.

This is a highly modified version of the i3 printer. Many things have been changed for improvement (most things) and now features a total re-design of the printed plastic parts, the filament delivery method, the frame, the hotend, the extruder, and even the setup for the electronics.
This machine was designed specifically for the local Mens Shed as a project to involve us local guys in a future building project. This building project will be discussed and details of its progress will follow after the machine build.

What is planned is a large model of a train that was the very last steam train to operate in Peterborough, the T181. This train is now in a museum at Broken Hill, and we will be building a large replica of this train.
(approximate 2M long with tender)


It will serve as a feature for a development project for the local people to become involved with 3D printing and many other skills that can be shared and learnt by all those that are willing to become involved and advance themselves with new skills.


The web site will concentrate on the building method, giving a step by step overview to allow others to build successfully.

Mens Shed Open Day at Peterborough

Some photos of the same day.












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